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Notice: This is to inform my customers of the recent change in my reseller status.

After 7 years being one of the first VidBlaster resellers, Mike Versteeg ( - CombiTech) decided to revoke my VidBlaster reseller status without cause or any warning on November 29th, 2015. According to his email, he assumed I was no longer "committed in representing VidBlaster" which is completely ridiculous as I have been ordering numerous licenses each year for customers consistently since 2009 and with my last order placed on November 24th, 2015.

As a reseller I am very proud of my accomplishments as I have always strived to promote the VidBlaster brand including installing the software and a computer system several years ago at Morgan Freeman's Ground Zero Blues Club at his request, and the club is still streaming live acts worldwide using VidBlaster Studio. I was the first to create an introductory video for VidBlaster on Vimeo and YouTube, with over 92,000 views to date. I have also worked with B&H, one of the world's largest Pro Audio, Video and Photo stores to include VidBlaster in their catalog and website - with me absorbing all necessary costs. The impact of having VidBlaster associated with B&H and listed in their catalog that is distributed worldwide is huge in promoting the brand. Thanks to my efforts the CDC in Atlanta uses VidBlaster as part of their Laboratory Training Branch Webcasts. In addition, I have always tried to provide the best support for my customers and it's unfortunate I can longer assist them due to the cancellation of my reseller status.

Mike might think revoking a reseller's status is an insignificant and trivial issue, but in fact he has caused significant harm and financial loss as I have invested a great deal of time, money and effort in the past 6 years that has been callously disregarded. However Mike has benefited greatly from my sales, support and marketing efforts. Then again, he doesn't treat his customers much better (VidBlaster Feedback). Here is a recent email from Tony Creson, a previous customer of mine that describes his "customer support" with Mike.

Mike Versteeg is an "one man band" developing and managing VidBlaster and as such answers only to himself. I am guessing he assumes there is an endless stream of potential customers needing a virtual studio on their PC. Reality is that this number is few and there is a lot of strong competition with companies that care about their resellers and customers. It's a shame because if Mike would made better decisions VidBlaster would have the great reputation it deserves. Click on the icon below to view recent emails including my final email to B&H including comments from VidBlaster customers and potential buyers:


Here is the email from Mike sent on November 29th, 2015:

From: Mike Versteeg (email address removed)

Sent: Sunday, November 29, 2015 5:03 AM

To: Scott Doucet

Subject: Re: missing licensing details on your site

Hi Scott,

I had another look at your site and see there is still a lot of v3 information there, which has not been for sale for a very long time. Same goes for all products on B&H. I'm sorry to have to conclude that, while you had a great start, you do not appear to be committed in representing VidBlaster any more. I wish you had just told me so we could have concluded our working relation in a more proper manner.

Your reseller status has now been revoked.

I can only assume you have moved on to better projects and wish you and Brandie all the best.


Mike Versteeg
(domain name removed)

This is my response sent on December 4th, 2015:

Hi Mike,

I have not heard from you for several days which doesn’t surprise me since you haven’t answered my emails since June 2015 when you removed my link on your reseller page for some arbitrary infraction. Yet I get an email from you on November 29, 2015 informing me my reseller status has been revoked. Let’s review your latest email again especially in regards to the other resellers you have listed on your site.

1. You state that my site has a lot of V3 information. Actually “version 3” or “V3” is not even mentioned on my site (FLME in the downloads section are v3 but that is not VidBlaster) however the latest features for V4 and V4 associated with Windows 10 are mentioned on the software versions and on the home page. My site is the ONLY reseller site selling VidBlaster exclusively, unlike your other resellers that sell hardware, accessories, TriCasters etc. In fact, many of the other sites barely list specifications at all, including V4 and one of the companies listed on your site in Alabama is actually a reseller for another company’s video switching software – your direct competition! Also, I have a comprehensive download section that has been a real asset to many customers. Perhaps you have not looked at the other reseller’s websites that are frankly outdated. I have had my designer peers compare my site and the other resellers and in their words, they would be embarrassed to have them as resellers. I have always tried to market and brand VidBlaster in the most contemporary and engaging way possible. So yes, besides your site mine is the most current.

2. You state B&H is also showing Version 3 which I am in the process of updating however as I mentioned in my previous email my main contact is no longer there and I am bringing the new hire up to speed. Perhaps you are not aware of how large B&H is and how difficult it was for me to get in their catalog in the first place. Keep in mind the software is listed as VidBlaster US, so that the VidBlaster brand is promoted, not VidBlasterUS. In fact, it is quite apparent my efforts to include VidBlaster in their very popular catalog and website has greatly extended the brand – without any cost to you at all yet you benefit from each sale. It is very odd you want to revoke my reseller’s status after countless hours of my work educating their sales force, updating content and working with their customers. More on that later.

3. So, even though I sent a new sale through on 11/24/2015 you decide to revoke my reseller status because you are “assuming” I have no further interest. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

I have been a VidBlaster reseller since 2009 and possibly your very first. Needless to say I have made you a good deal of money from my sales efforts not to mention my loyalty, assistance and promoting the software. One of the reasons B&H went with my company is because of the outstanding customer service I offer which is a cornerstone of their sales.

Speaking of customer service, I cannot tell you how many irate potential/existing customers have called me in utter frustration after dealing with you. In every case I was able to calm them down and answer their questions – none of which I have ever been compensated for since you took the full sale and commission. I understand the importance of having happy customers because there are many avenues now for them to express their displeasure online that just does not go away and will always have a negative impact on future sales.

Mike, based on these facts it is clear there are other motives why you removed my reseller status none of which makes sense given the clear facts presented above. I would like a response from you within 48 hours (by Sunday, December 6th 6:00pm EST) to let me know if my reseller status has been reinstated.


- Scott

I have yet to hear back from Mike, which is doutbful at best.

Recent email sent to BandH Photo:

December 16th, 2015


It is with regret to inform you that as of December, 2015 I am no longer a VidBlaster reseller as Mike Versteeg assumed that I am no longer interested in being a reseller without any communication with me and ignoring the fact that I have been ordering licenses from him since 2009. In fact, I was the first VidBlaster reseller and accomplished a great deal in promoting the brand, which has translated into a good income for Mike. I have invested a great deal of my own money, time and effort and I am frankly shocked that Mike would make this decision without any basis or facts to support his unfounded assumption.

I have always gone to great lengths to support all of my customers, including those that purchased from Mike directly ( without receiving any compensation or commission. Mike does not support the software in any way, he pushes everyone into a “support” forum that if you don’t adhere to his austere and arbitrary rules you will receive reprimands and ultimately be banned. Keep in mind these are customers who have paid $1,000 plus for the software and cannot receive any support! The problem is Mike is a “one man band” who answers only to himself and doesn’t consider customer support (pre-sales and post) to be a concern. Poor customer support will ultimately be the reason many users will look for other viable software solutions other than VidBlaster and now there are plenty of excellent alternatives with companies that care about their resellers and customers. Currently there is a great deal of negative comments regarding VidBlaster and Mike Versteeg in particular on many forum sites, mostly due to customer support issues.

I have tried to contact Mike several times since he cancelled my reseller status but he has not emailed me back.

Unfortunately I have also heard negative comments from customers regarding other US Resellers, so at this point I cannot make a recommendation for a reseller replacement. I have greatly enjoyed working with everyone and B&H and I am sorry to see our relationship end.


- Scott

VidBlaster Feedback

Almost all businesses have someone out there who has an axe to grind even though many proactive companies’ jump through hoops to try and satisfy their customers. However, I have had countless people call me when they used to see my phone number on the VidBlaster Reseller page fuming about how little or no support they have received after spending hundreds of dollars purchasing the software from the website. Everytime I made an effort to calm them down and help solve their issue. The one problem I could not resolve is their being banned from the support forum due to some random infraction.

Mike pushes all of his customers into the "support forum" where they are obligated to comprehensively search for their problem BEFORE posting a question. Failure to comply by Mike's strict rules inevitably leads to reprimands and then being banned. In reality, many users are not that IT savvy and some have been tasked to use VidBlaster with their church or school. They just need a few minutes of help and they are good to go. Anyone who has contacted me regarding support, regardless of where they purchased the software, has received my assistance. The only time I cannot help a customer is when it involves purchasing a license that did not go through my site as I have no record of the transaction and therefor cannot help them.

The Internet is full of reviews, forums and other avenues allowing people the ability to express their extreme displeasure when they feel they have NOT received the support they deserve…especially after paying $1,000 + for software. Poor pre-sales and post-customer support will ultimately hurt VidBlaster which could have been easily prevented by using plain common sense.
The quotes and emails below are not from me but others who have posted online along with emails that have been recently sent to me.

Send me your stories and they will published with your permission.

Here is an email from Tony who had this to say about Mike Versteeg's "customer support":

December 18h, 2015

Subject: VidBlaster Fiasco with VidBlasterUS

Hey, Scott:

I was terribly disappointed to hear of the horrible experience you and your business (VidBlasterUS) have had with Mike Versteeg. Alas, this is not at all surprising since I am yet another one of Mike’s previous customers, of whom he chastised for no reason on his “customer service forums”. He even went so far as to revoke our validated license such that the product we purchased (VidBlaster) stopped working, altogether!

I am very appreciative of the help you afforded us after our own run-in with Mike’s anti-customer and childish actions. I can only hope that any potential future customers of his happen upon your website such that they can avoid the moronic-business-model such as Mike’s VidBlaster.

Thank you, again, for all your help in the past few years.


Tony Creson

Shortly afterwards Tony sent this:

On another note, we've found that xSplit works very well. We were able to get it up and running in less than 30 mins. Best wishes and have a Merry Christmas!


Comments from other VidBlaster Users:

Also, don't forget there are alternatives to VidBlaster,


An all too common message when you have violated the sensitive rules of the VidBlaster Forum.

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